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    Tim Bowden

    Bob is easy to talk to but wont let your mind go to far astray because you are there to learn to drive at the end of the day. The price for lessons was not too, high easily payable and having a reliable driving instructor is always a plus in my book. If it was not for Bob i probably would still not have my licence. Thanks again Bob! !
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    Sophie Thompson

    A high standard of tuition.Bob was very efficient in pointing out my mistakes and giving good clear advice on how to avoid them and improve my driving skills. I liked the many different methods of teaching and Bob was willing to adapt to what suited my learning best.
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    Ed Ford

    Passed in Ashford first time with only 3 driver faults
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    Izabela Dabrowska-Bejger

    I was very beginner when Bob started teaching me driving and I passed exam in first attempt . I would recommend Him. Thank you Bob!
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    Jack Prytherch

    Many thanks to Bob Miller for teaching me how to drive. He is a brilliant instructor who is calm and confident. He taught me well and I feel a very confident driver now I have passed. I would recommend Bob to anyone who is looking to learn to drive as he is reasonably priced and one of the best instructors in the area!
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    Lee Marston

    I would highly recommend Bob Miller as a driving instructor. He's an easy going man with lots of patience what is key to be a teacher. He will take you at your pace but push you when he believes you can excel more than you believe. And now I've passed I couldn't of seen myself passing with anyone else.
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    Rachel Hackling

    I really enjoyed learning to drive with Bob. Lessons were fun as well as instructive and I was left feeling confident that I could complete all the manoeuvres as well as drive safely and smoothly.  I passed first time and feel confident sitting behind the wheel!
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    Stan Allen

    I started learning with Bob several months ago after realizing I'm going to need a car after I leave school. He's a very friendly, calm, clear and helpful person to talk to, exactly what you need when you're learning to drive. I had roughly 2 hours a week with him, and I looked forward to each one, he's a great person to talk to and always makes you feel comfortable even in the more stressful driving situations. A professional in every aspect of his job. Am about to take a pass plus scheme with Bob after nailing my practical with one minor fault! All down to you, thanks a lot! I recommend him to anyone and everyone.
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    Tom Barnes

    Over the last 4 months bob has given the confidence and the skills on how to drive . Fully 100% trust all of his pupils. Would recommended any one who is new to driving . Thanks for the support Bob
  • Andrea Goddon

    Well, where do I begin?! I learned to drive with Bob 6 years ago and when I found out that he was here on this page, I was compelled to tell you all what a fantastic driving instructor Bob Miller is. I came to driving quite late at the age of 38, and Bob had me relaxed and looking forward to my first lesson before I even had the seatbelt on. I always looked forward to my lessons because I knew that it would be 2 hours of enjoyment while Bob taught me everything I needed to know. His jolly nature mixed with patience and professionalism is what helped me to achieve 100% pass for my theory test and passing my driving test 1st time. He set the mood just right for me to learn. Bob's teaching is definitely tailor made to you the student. My confidence in Bob is such, that 2 of my son's have learned to drive (and Pass) with him and both are now being my taxi at times! Anyone who learns to drive with Bob will be getting outstanding tutoring, in a relaxed atmosphere to the highest professional standard. Above all you will have fun.

    Joe Goddon

    After teaching my eldest brother and my mother to drive it seemed only natural that I would learn with Bob. I am very glad that I did! I had a nervous start but Bob was patient, understanding and encouraging. He rapidly built my confidence in driving and personalised every lesson so that he focused on what I needed to become a better driver. Now I have passed I feel comfortable in all situations when out and about on my own (even the dreaded hill starts or parallel parking)! I am very thankful to Bob for setting me up to be a very confident and knowledgeable driver. A truly brilliant instructor who takes into account your own individual needs; and always goes the extra mile. I would happily recommend Bob to anyone looking to learn to drive!!

    Matthew O'Donoghue

    Excellent instructor and good laugh. Bob was always willing to help out in any way he could when I was learning to drive with him. He was remarkably patient with me whenever I made mistakes and as a result this made driving lessons a joy rather than a chore. I wasn't a particularly good driver to begin with and made more than my fair share of mistakes. I managed to pass first time due in no small part to Bob's guidance. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking at taking lessons, especially if they are nervous because Bob's relaxed demeanour and willingness to help in anyway he can makes driving a pleasure and defines him as a great instructor. Cheers Bob!
  • Carol Stone

    I decided I wanted to drive at the grand old age of 36, mainly because I needed to ferry my kids around and secondly to start my own business. Bob had a lot of patience with me as I tended to get cross with myself early on if I cocked up a manoeuvre or gear change (and reverse into a road!) He gave really good advice during the lessons and was flexible on their content for me. I passed first time today so i think that says it all. Would highly recommend, especially to those coming to driving a bit later on in life!

    Lee Harris

    I had lessons with bob. I was scared first to start but he gave me confidences to learn with him. he was so understanding with my work hours so that I could do it on a wednesday early and also some late ones. I passed my theory test with ease with bobs help and only got 3 questions wrong and when I passed my test in august as we had to wait 6 weeks for a test to come up but only failed with 2 minors. I have never forgotten the tips that bob gave me and also still going strong now. hope all is well and hope people realise how good of a driving instructor you are will recommend bob to every one but do miss driving with bob was good

    Aaron Chivrall

    I wasn't sure who to go with for driving lessons but my brother and family recommend bob. Such a good recommendation he is patient and such a good driving instructor teaches you to a very high standard and makes you a safe confident driver would recommend in future amazing instructor!
  • Liam Blaney

    Bob is a great instructor - all lessons were personalised to my needs and what I felt I needed to practice. Would certainly recommend Bob to anyone.

    Dyon Richards

    I had previously had some lessons 2.5 years ago, but had to stop. Wanted to get my full license this year, so I booked 10 hours with Bob, he was a patient instructor and catered to my way of learning, managed to pass first time after the 9 hours, learnt a lot in a short space of time and had a laugh too, friendly guy and easy to get on with but also a great teacher, overly critical which is always a good thing, as a new driver you never stop learning. 5*
  • Jack Bryant

    Bob was an amazing instructor, passed me in about 2 and a half months with only 2 minors. He adapts his teaching to the preference of the pupil and is very understanding and patient when it comes to making mistakes and improvements. Bob always asks if there is anything that you, personally, would like to work on and if you don't know what you would like to work on then he always finds the best things to do based on your experience and confidence. Thanks a lot Bob, couldn't have asked for a better instructor, see you around!

    Tom Ambrose

    Thought you was a great Instructor, positive criticism enabled me to work on areas I wasn't strong in, and become more confident, made fast and safe progress throughout, along with thorough recaps pre test mocks, all round good friendly instructor, recommend!

    Charles Bonfield

    Really helpful and useful lessons, always on time very good tips and techniques for helping to perfect manoeuvres. Thanks for helping me pass first time.


    Thanks so much to Bob Miller. I was recommended by a friend and for really good reason as he definitely lived up to expectations! Superb result as I passed easily with only 3 driving faults!!

    Tim Dance

    Changed to Bob from previous instructor half way through lessons and it made all the difference, just shows how important it is to get the right instructor. Would like to say many thanks to Bob because of the confidence he gave me, he was very understanding and patient instructor. The lessons were fun and I felt confident in the car with him.

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